Hyacinths are a hardy, fragrant flower that is unique in that it may be planted in the fall in your garden or “forced” inside your home.

When planting outside, choose a sunnier spot and keep them watered. The tip of the bulb should be 5-6” below the surface of the ground and 4-6" apart. Usually, Hyacinths are planted in borders and are used in close plantings.

The culture of Hyacinths in glass (forcing) is very interesting. Any tall vase with less than a 2” opening will do. Clear or lightly colored glass is preferred in order to witness the growth. Fill the glass with water and set the bulb, root side down, on top. Place in a dark cool closet or unheated room. Make sure that the bulb is not submerged in the water and that there is a 1/8” space below the bulb. Check the water once in a while and refill as needed.  If the water seems spoiled, replace it. When the roots are 4-5” long, they may be brought into the light.  If you do this too soon, you will have a flower, but no stem.

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