The culture of tulips is a very simple one.  If one likes to have beautiful Tulips in the garden for many years, they should never be planted more than 2 years in succession in the same location unless the soil has been removed and replaced by fresh soil to a depth of at least one foot.  Inattention to this matter is often the cause of failure with Tulips.

The soil must be well drained.  Rainwater and snowmelt must be able to drain away quickly to ensure the root system of the Tulip bulb does not rot.

Tulips are planted in the fall, from late September through November, before the ground freezes. The bulbs should be planted 5-6” deep from the top of the bulb and about 3-4” apart.  Shallow planting is the most common cause of plant failure. Plant your Tulips in a sunny spot.

Although completely hardy, if you live in an especially cold climate, cover the planted area with straw and/or peat. Remove this at the first sign of growth in the spring. When the flower petals have dropped, cut the ‘head’ of the flower off, leaving the stem to yellow completely before cutting back. 

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